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Sterilization of cats and non-breeding dogs

Over the past 30 years, the cat population has increased dramatically, policies that address responsible cat custody and control of feral cats have unfortunately not developed at the same rate. Every year, thousands of cats die unnecessarily due to overpopulation of animals. Such overpopulation is caused by people who neglect the sterilization of their pets. If you do not plan to use your cat for breeding purposes, it is recommended that you sterilize it as this will prevent unwanted problems for you and your pet. Sterilizing cats and dogs is currently the most effective method of preventing unwanted or unintended pregnancy.

Your pet can be spayed / neutered at six months of age or earlier without major difficulties. Sterilization in most cases involves only a small surgery that always uses anesthesia, and most of the time your pet will return to normal activity in a couple of days.


Sterilization benefits

In females, sterilization helps prevent:

• breast tumors and cancer;

• infection of the uterus;

• eliminates symptoms of heat, especially vocalization.

In males, sterilization helps prevent:

• territorial marking;

• become a stray cat.


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